bluetooth handsfree car fm transmitter is just an in car wireless hands-free system based on wireless Bluetooth technology

The bluetooth handsfree car fm transmitter is equipped with the FM frequency and the sound of the whole car. When using it, the Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and the car's audio are matched together, so that the owner can automatically switch the sound of the sound, mute, and reduce the car Bluetooth when the caller calls. The power consumption is automatically restored when the phone is hung up. The main function is to use the Bluetooth technology to connect with the mobile phone for hands-free calling during normal driving, which has reached the goal of liberating both hands and reducing traffic accidents.

Problem solved with in-car bluetooth -- why in-car bluetooth cannot be connected:

Because of the instability of electronic equipment -- first turn off some electrical equipment in the car and then try to reconnect;
2. The car bluetooth is sometimes unable to connect due to not selecting the call audio -- it is suggested to turn on the bluetooth audio of the mobile phone;
3. Due to compatibility problems of bluetooth devices -- it is suggested to delete the pairing and reconnect;
4. The mobile phone system has not been updated to the applicable version;
5. Mobile phone bluetooth has other device connection records, delete the original connected device;
6. Failure of hardware facilities, whether it is the bluetooth module of the audio or the bluetooth function of the mobile phone, is unable to connect successfully.



No sound solution when connected to bluetooth:

1. Volume on the vehicle navigation device or mobile phone is not turned on -- -- solution: go to "Settings" -- "sound" of the phone, find "media" option, and turn up the volume of "media";
2. The music programming of some mobile phones (such as Iphone) is not compatible with the docking code of some models, so you can only answer the phone but not listen to music.
3. Multimedia music without bluetooth on the car -- solution: find multimedia options on the screen, go in and select bluetooth to play music;
4. Mobile phone media audio without off, cause the bluetooth signal interference - solution: first to enter the mobile phone bluetooth settings interface, there is a mobile phone audio and the audio media two options, to connect car bluetooth after these two options are open by default, we need the cell phone audio audio off and keep to the media, so that you can allow for music and mobile phones bluetooth phone, car navigation voice interference to each other for three functions.


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