Why is the car charger not charging

The reasons why the car charger does not charge are as follows:

1. Check if the car charger parameters meet the charging requirements.
Check the output voltage and current of the car charger, whether it supports your own mobile phone and other electronic products. Some parameters do not match, for example, if the car with output current of 1A is charged to the tablet, it will not be charged. This is caused by insufficient current, and it is necessary to replace the high-powered car charger.
2. Check if the contacts of the car charger are in good contact.
Some car chargers have unreasonable contact design. In the process of driving the car, there will be poor contact, and after arriving at the destination, it will be found that there is no charging and charging. This is the display charging at the beginning mentioned above. The state of getting off is not charging.
3, the cigarette lighter itself is not powered properly
If you replace multiple car chargers, mobile phones, etc., you can't use the car charger to charge in your car. At this time, check if your car fuse has any problems.
4, car charger quality problems
Nowadays, there are a lot of car chargers on the market, all kinds of styles are available, and the price gap is very large. If you buy fake and inferior products, you will not only be charged, but also burn out car fuses. And digital products may even endanger personal safety. The products produced by Onoda Electronic Technology are manufactured through strict tests, with reliable quality and safety.

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