Why do mobile phone chargers get hot while charging

There are several possible causes of phone chargers heating up

1. When charging the mobile phone charger, the plug is very hot, because it is connected to the small transformer in the charger. Excessive output current or unqualified quality will cause coil heating, and the shell is also very hot.

2. If the charger has a little heat, it may be because the electronic components inside the charger are all working at full load, the heat dissipation of the shell is not good, and the heat is normal, as long as it is not excessively hot, there will be no problem. After charging, the temperature of the charger will naturally drop until it is close to the room temperature, which is also usable.

3. When playing the mobile phone, the phone screen will be bright, play and so on will lose power, relatively speaking, while charging is to improve your use of power, so the power will be greater than the charger itself, so that even the original charger may be hot.

4. If it is only under the condition of charging or hot, then it is better to replace a current point to charge, because if it is too hot will burn the inside parts, cause a short circuit, leakage of electricity will be harmful to the human body.

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