Which is better, metal or plastic car charger?

As we all know, most automobiles now have on-board cigarette lighter sockets. Some automobiles also have a USB charging interface, but some of the interfaces have an output current of only 500 mA. It is totally unsatisfactory to charge the mobile phone in the car. At this time, the car charger is needed.


Which is better about metal-enclosed car charger or plastic-enclosed car charger? Generally speaking, the car's charge shell is nothing more than the distinction between metal and non-metal. Metal car chargers are generally aluminum alloy, which have a good appearance. But if the technology is not good, it is easy to leak electricity. Non-metal is generally high temperature environmental protection material, which has a relatively poor appearance, but it is insulated. In fact, the shell has no substantial impact on the use of functions. No matter what the material is, the car's charge shell must meet the requirements of flame retardancy. If the internal components of the car charger are short-circuited or other faults, these dangers can also be blocked inside the product.


Metal-enclosed vehicle chargers are completely flame-retardant, while non-metal-enclosed vehicle chargers are relatively worrying. Generally, non-metal enclosures have high temperature flame-retardant ABS engineering plastics and ordinary plastics. According to the test, the positive and negative poles of the vehicle charger are short-circuited, and the temperature can be as high as 95 degrees Celsius. Plastics can be melted directly. ASB engineering plastics have good electrical insulation and are hardly affected by temperature, humidity and frequency. They also have excellent impact resistance. Full-metal enclosure on the surface of the car seems to be good material, but due to differences in the car cigarette lighter, inserted in some models of cigarette lighter, it may be because the metal enclosure conducts electricity, resulting in short circuit of the cigarette lighter and burning automobile insurance.

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