Which is better for a car charger with a metal case and a plastic case

Regardless of the material, the car charger housing must meet the requirements for flame retardancy. If a short circuit or other malfunction occurs in the internal components of the car charger, it is also possible to block these hazards inside the product.


The metal case of the car charger is completely flame-retardant, and the car charger instead of the metal case is relatively worrying. Generally, the non-metal case has high temperature resistant flame retardant ABS engineering plastic and the common quantity. According to the test, the car charger is shorted to the positive and negative poles, the temperature can be as high as 95 degrees Celsius, and the plastic can be melted directly. ASB engineering plastics have good electrical insulation and are virtually immune to temperature, humidity and frequency, as well as excellent impact resistance.

The metal-filled car charger looks good on the surface. However, due to the tolerance of the car cigarette lighter, it is inserted in the cigarette lighter of some models. It may be caused by the metal casing being electrically conductive, causing the cigarette lighter to short-circuit and burn the car. Insurance.


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