Precautions for purchasing a car charger



With the continuous expansion of the automotive market, the automotive supplies market is also expanding. One of the car chargers, car products, is also widely used, showing versatility, portable, wireless, mini, gun shape, Y-shaped, fashion luxury version and so on. It is important to understand the purchase considerations for car chargers.

1. When purchasing the car charger, please pay attention to the voltage and current of the accessory equipment. The standard input voltage for general portable and handheld terminals is 5V / 700MA, and the iphone is 5V / 1A.
2, clear the output voltage of the car cigarette lighter, the car output voltage is 12V, truck 24V. Therefore, the universal car charger (12v) is mainly suitable for 12V cars, while the car inverter (24V) is mainly used for trucks.
3, pay attention to the conversion efficiency of the car inverter, the current inverter power on the market is very high, the conversion rate is only between 70% and 80%, the quality is relatively good, as far as I know, Oshur car inverter The conversion rate of the device can reach more than 90%.
4. Select the power supply of the car inverter and select the current common power, such as 130W, 150W, 180W, 300W, 500W, etc.

The above 4 points are for your reference.


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