Portable Car power Charger Notice

The Portable Car power Charger uses the car cigarette lighter as a power outlet to charge the phone directly. Since the voltage supplied by the car is low, only the overload protection circuit is required inside the car charger. The front end of the car charger socket is designed with a fuse. When the current exceeds the overload protection circuit, the fuse is immediately blown and protected.

Note: The car engine must be charged when it starts up! For car chargers, please note the following: 1. Do not use the car charger in a humid environment. 2. Do not store the car charger in a humid environment. 3 The suitable use temperature is 0-45 °C. 4. Stay away from children. 5. Avoid lightning strikes. 6. After charging is complete, pull out the plug in time. Therefore, for security reasons, we must buy regular brands and buy genuine products, and inferior products are prone to security risks.

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