How to use the car charger correctly?

Nowadays, there are car chargers on many cars, which brings great convenience to us. However, improper use can cause some accidents. How to use the car charger?

How to use the car charger

1. On the car cigarette lighter, insert the USB car charger and output the DC voltage through the standard USB interface.

2. The electronic design parameters such as voltage and current are in full compliance with the pda mobile phone standard and will not cause damage to your beloved machine.

3. Connect the USB data cable to supply and charge MP3/MP4, mobile phone, small speaker, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products.

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Car charger usage precautions

1, car charger should not be used at high temperatures, especially when the temperature inside the car is too high (usually more than 45 ° C) to remember to unplug the car charger, in addition to normal use should also try to avoid random knocking, throwing, shaking car charger Otherwise, it is easy to damage the internal circuit board.

2. Do not insert the car charger before the engine is started. Otherwise, the voltage at the start may hurt the car charger.

3. Some strong cleaning agents and chemical products will cause serious corrosion damage to the car charger, so be sure to pay attention when cleaning.

4. Remember to charge the car after the vehicle is turned off. Although many cigarette lighters of the vehicle will stop supplying power after the key is removed, there are still many cars that are continuously powered.

5. The car charger should also avoid water ingress, or be placed in a humid environment for a long time, otherwise the internal components are easily oxidized and corroded.


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