How to use the Car Battery Charger super cheap

1.Starting the car engine

When the engine starts, the current is large, which may burn the charging equipment and even threaten personal safety.

2.Open the car cigarette lighter, plug in the Car Battery Charger super cheap After the car charger is inserted, the indicator light will be on, and it can be moved back and forth to ensure that the car's charging shrapnel is stuck.

3. Plug in the charging device for charging

USB devices such as mobile phones and ipads can be charged, and don’t connect to devices with excessive power.





Be sure to charge the charging device after the car engine is started!

In the vehicle environment, the voltage and current are unstable. Try to choose a high-quality car charger with overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. Once an accident occurs, it’s a trivial matter to damage the car charger. It’s not worthwhile to damage the mobile phone.

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