How do I connect BT bluetooth handsfree car fm transmitter to play mobile music

As more and more car owners begin to pay attention to the safety and speed of driving calls, the car bluetooth handsfree car fm transmitter equipment has gradually become popular. However, the special price to buy a car Bluetooth hands-free is just a call when driving, a little waste. In addition to the call, the car blue transmitter also has the greatest function of playing music. However, many people have trouble connecting their mobile phones to Bluetooth. Next, let's see how to connect the car's Bluetooth transmitter to play mobile music.




·start up
The host is powered first before using FM. First, plug the car charger into the car cigarette lighter seat. The blue indicator light is on and the host displays the FM frequency.
·FM frequency
After power-on display, the next step is to adjust the host and vehicle FM frequencies to the same FM frequency without interference or interference.
There are two ways to adjust the FM frequency of the host:
Method 1: Press and hold the previous song or the next song button for 3 seconds to enter FM mode. The digital tube flashes. You can rotate the function knob to increase the clockwise rotation frequency and the counterclockwise rotation frequency.
Method 2: Press and hold the previous song or the next song button for 3 seconds to enter FM mode, the digital tube flashes, click the previous song button to decrease the frequency by 0.1Mhz, long press to quickly reduce, click the next song key frequency Can increase 0.1Mhz, long press can quickly increase.
Note: The host FM frequency and the car FM frequency must be the same. Press the function knob to immediately confirm the frequency and exit the FM mode.

·Bluetooth pairing
After booting, enter Bluetooth mode. Before pairing with the phone Bluetooth, check if the host blue light is blinking, and if the blue light is blinking, the current Bluetooth is not paired. Open your phone's Bluetooth settings and search for the Bluetooth name “OKiT-F54” for pairing. Pairing does not require a password. After the pairing connection is successful, the blue indicator of the host is on. (When the USB flash drive is in the same state as the TF card, it will enter the Bluetooth mode preferentially)

·play music
After pairing with your phone's Bluetooth, play music on your phone and you can hear songs played from the car stereo. Want to pause the music while playing music Short press the multi-function knob once to pause, then press to play the music. Make adjustments when you want to listen to a song or song by clicking the previous or next button.
When a USB flash drive or TF card is inserted, the song on the USB flash drive or TF card can be read, and the control is the same as the Bluetooth control. The U disk and TF card are played preferentially after insertion. When the U disk song is automatically played, the TF card song is automatically looped after playing, and Bluetooth cannot be played cyclically.

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